Products for a better seating

We manage the impossible

Since 1988 our vision has been that through  science, knowledge, new  thinking and new innovations we have invented what we believe is the best products for our Patients.

Everyone at Anatomic Sitt are proud, passionated people that do their very best to develope new products. Our products comes from new interventions and new thinking. Our products is specially developed for people with severe disabilities. Many of You have in different ways helped Us with the development of the products we today have. We are very grateful that we together have managed to improved the life of so many patients through our products.

We know that it is very important to have well educated people with special knowledge in our field to be able to get the best possible result for our patients.

Together with all of You we have created the best possible solutions. We are of course not finished but we are certain that together with You we are going to take the task further and never stop on the path towards ”perfection”.