Anatomic Motion Seat -NEW!

The Anatomic Motion seat is a seating system for both children and adults with controlled dynamic elements that follow the body's movements.

The Anatomic Motion seat system is specially designed for patients with extension spasticity and severe sitting problems. The user maintains his/her body positioning and thus achieves a gentle movement of the hip, back and knee joints and prevents shearing.

The possibility of extension in the hip and knee joint relieves pressure on the sitting bone and reduces the risk of pressure sores. Extension and flexion resistance in both hip and knee joints is individually adjusted by using a gaspiston, making the range of motion controlled and safe.


Anatomic Motion seat facts:

Max height205 cm
Max weight90 kg
Seat width25-45 cm
Seat depth25-55 cm
Crash tested and approved43 kg (size 0-4)
Crash tested and approved75 kg (size 5-9)
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