Provides comfortable comfort and warmth

The thermo bag is available in black color and five sizes to suit most users.

It is available in two models; with or without back cover. The model that has the back cover is also fleece-lined against the body. The outer material is water-repellent and can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

The thermal bags can be washed (max 60 ° C) and tumble dryer.

Choose size

SizeUser lenght




122-152 cm

55-70 cm



152-160 cm

60-75 cm



160-175 cm

75-90 cm



175-200 cm

90-110 cm



175-210 cm

110-130 cm

Sittermo without back

Sittermo without back part is made for wheelchairs as it is open on the underside so that the user can still sit in the seat when the travel bag is taken on and off. The travel bag is held in place by an elastic piece on the underside that sits between the seat and the thighs.

The front side goes up around the waist while the side pieces go down between the chair sides and the thighs, which warms and prevents pressure from the sides. The sittermo has a galvanized foot part and a practical pocket on the front.

The outer material is microfibre that is water-repellent and if it gets dirty it can be wiped off with a damp cloth. As insulation material, Meida 200 (see fact box) is used, which is suitable for both winter cooling and cool summer evenings.

Towards the body there is a plain fabric that makes the sittermo easy to put on and off.

For the sittermo without back cover, it comes with a functional case that makes it compact and easy to carry with it

Sittermo with back