Zitzi Delfi Pro

Dynamic seating system for children / youngsters

Delfi Pro is a modern dynamic seating system for children and youngsters, with many setting options that provide good conditions for creating a functional sitting.

Delfi Pro makes it possible for the user to develop and grow in the seating system by continuously adjusting it to give the correct support where the user needs it.

The seat has the potential for superior dynamics as it is made of plastic that is not completely stiff but allows for some movement in the sitting.

Delfi Pro is also equipped with a special flex-joint between the back and seat, which creates further dynamics. This function is an effective way to break spasticity.


Zitzi Delfi Pro facts:

Sizes5 pc
Max lenght170 cm
Max weight90 kg
Axilia height17-40 cm
Trunk width
14-31 cm
Seat width24-38 cm
Seat depth14-45 cm
Combined with our underframes