Zitzi Guppy (2020 Q2)

A small, flexible underframe with good driving properties.

Guppy is designed mainly for Zitzi Delfi Pro and small Anatomic seats.

One big advantage of Guppy is that the wheel position can easily be adjusted depending on the position and design of the seat. You thus achieve a well-balanced combination of seat and underframe.

Guppy is a universal chassis, designed to fit most seating systems in the market.



The product has many advantages:

  • Easy to balance

  • Many choices

  • Crash tested and approved

  • Possibility to use powerwheel (E-drive)

  • Made in aluminium

Weight14 kg
Load weight70 kg
Tilt0° to +32° / -7° to +25°
Seat height46 cm
Wheels16”, 20”, 22”, 24”
Crash testedApproved
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