Zitzi Sharky Pro

Dynamic seating system for youngsters / adults

Sharky Pro takes over where Zitzi Delfi Pro ends in sizes. Zitzi Sharky Pro is developed for youngsters and adults with sitting problems. Zitzi Sharky Pro has as many setting options as Zitzi Delfi Pro, which provides good possibilities for creating balance in the body.

Sharky Pro is a safe, stable and flexible chair that grows with the user into adulthood. It is a modern dynamic seating system for young people and adults with many setting options that enable a good sitting function.

Sharky Pro allows the user to develop, grow and provide the right support where the patient needs it.


Zitzi Sharky Pro facts:

Sizes2 st
Max lenght 150-195 cm
Max weight130 kg
Chest width 27-38 cm
Chest depth21-25 cm
Seat width36-49 cm
Seat depth37-55 cm
Combined with the underframes