Environment & quality

Anatomic Sitt AB  develops, sells, manufactures and adapts functional sitting and standing training aids for children, youth and adults with difficult sitting and standing problems

Anatomic Sitt AB shall always strive to meet and fulfill the customer's needs and expectations by offering great knowledge, experience and flexibility so that the customer thereby obtains functional products and "solutions".

Our customers are located throughout Europe. We represent suppliers from the USA, Canada, Holland, Denmark, Spain and England.

Our greatest environmental impact arises during freight / transport. In order to minimize the environmental impact through the use of raw materials, we strive to utilize the raw material in the best way by making production more efficient.

Environment- & Qualitypolicy 
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Certifikat Anatomic SITT AB

Continuous improvements and critical review are key words in our quality and environmental work.

  • We listen to the customers' requirements and each work done must be a recommendation for future business.
  • We considers existing laws, environmental requirements and other regulations as minimum requirements.
  • We constantly try our business based on the ecocycle idea and strive to prevent pollution and economize on nature's resources.
  • We continuously strive to raise the competence and awareness of quality and environmental issues among all our employees.
  • When assessing business partners, we actively consider quality and environmental work as a credit.

This quality and environmental policy applies to Anatomic Sitt AB who work with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 according to Hackeforsmodellen, Risängens environment- and quality group.

Bo Eriksson