Anatomic Universal belt

A strong elastic belt, to use in many different ways.

Anatomic Universal belt attaches steplessly with a Velcro fastener. The design makes it easy to shorten as needed. We have met the market's wishes and developed the universal belt even in the length of 225 cm, which means that you do not have to worry about hard seams in the wrong places.

Use it as support around the hip, thighs or legs, for the chest, or above the stomach. The belt has a huge potential for use, use it for temporary positioning together with the wheelchair, at the dining table, on the train or in the boat. Only the imagination sets the limits on how it can be used.

The universal belt is equipped with a practical, grip-friendly velcro lock that can be moved to the desired position when it is not fastened. The velcro consists of small, fine spikes that ensure that the material does not attach as easily to the user's clothing and is easy to keep clean. Velcro fastening extremely strong in the pulling direction.

The material is very strong but adaptable, soft and elastic. The belt is comfortable for the user regardless of where it is applied. Very easy to use to position the body with one belt.

It is available in six variants with three bandwidths, 9 cm, 12 cm and 15 cm. In addition, these have different lengths, either 145 cm or 225 cm. If you choose our long belt, you can feel confident having a belt that can handle the temporary positioning everywhere in a safe and easy way.