Anatomic Sits

Great support and great comfort

Our individual seats are dynamical. The seat shell is made of polyethylene plastic that allows for movement in the seat. If you want more movement in the seat, you can order it with an flexible part between the seat and back.

Anatomic Sits provides the best support in an individual seat and it is possible to choose between many different accessories.

The importance of good support are crucial to prevent that deformities occurs or worsens. Good support improves the function of the organs, relieves pain and gives freedom of movement.


Anatomic Sits has many benefits:

  • Superior postural support
  • A seat for patients with a high need of support
  • You may combine the seat with a special flex joint if
    needed, which have both flexibility and seat to back
    angle adjustment
  • Fixed supports
  • Possibility to add a fan that will create a cold seat
    during summer
  • Heat cushions to get a warm seat during wintertime
  • Possibility to make several cushions that to allow the
    seat to get bigger or smaller
  • Washable covers
Combine with our underframes