Zitzi Flipper Pro Flex

Hi-low underframe for indoor and outdoor use

Flipper Pro Flex has a built-in tilt function that can be obtained manually or electrically.

Unique for Zitzi Flipper Pro Flex is its “tilt in space” feature, allowing the seat to be tilted without compromising the balance and stability between the seat and underframe. This way the center of gravity is only minimally altered as opposed to when using a conventional tilt.


Zitzi Flipper Pro Flex:

Load weight95 kg
Tilt0° to 30° alt.  -5° to 25°
Height adjusting29 - 65 cm
Total width63 cm
Total length81 cm
Weight31 kg


Flipper Pro Flex is available in 3 versions:

  • Manual height adjusting / Manual tilt

  • Electric height adjusting / Manual tilt

  • Electric height adjusting / Electric tilt

There are two variants for the design of height and lower mechanism. The electric actuator lets you lift more weight with less effort, while the manual option uses a gas piston that is a smooth solution without the need for charging.

Flipper Pro Flex with electrical functions can also be equipped with electric tilt for easier handling and less physical load on assistants and parents.

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