Zitzi Flipper G2

Flipper G2 has a new and improved footrest series and is painted in matt black.

Flipper G2 is a height-adjustable indoor chassis with 125 mm wheels for easy rolling over carpet edges, thresholds and other obstacles. Flipper Pro is available in two variants: manual or electric.

It has a unique "tilt in space" function, which means that you can tilt the seat without causing instability in the chassis. With this function, the center of gravity does not shift as much as with a conventional tilt.

  • Available in 3 sizes (manual, electric (gas piston tilt) or electric / electric (electric tilt).)
  • Different driving handles
  • Recommended for our new ACTIVE seat

Flipper G2: 

ColorMatt black
WeightFrom 18 kg
Load weight50/75/130 kg
Tilt0° to 30° alt.  -5° to 25°
Height adjustmentYes
Seat height (min)28/34/45 cm
Seat height (max)64/67/71 cm
Std wheel125 mm




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