Our dynamic seating system

A dynamic seatingsystem prevents that deformities occurs and also prevent neck- and backpain. Good posture and balance in the body gives many advantages with, among other things, better functions in the internal organs such as better breathing.
A dynamic seating gives you the oppertunity to better participation in everyday life. It can also provides a calming effect on extensional spasticity.

Our dynamic seating systems have all the adjustment possibilities to be able to achieve the best sitting for the user.

Three-point positioning
Adjustable lateral supports together with eg. hip support creates a good condition for positioning of the torso, which reduces the risk of misalignment. Good postural control leads to better head control and increases the opportunities for activity and alertness. We have the opportunity to both correct and maintain the position of the chest based on the conditions we are facing.

Flex operation / hip angle adjustment
Dynamic support provides freedom of movement, variation and can provide a calming effect in extensional spasticity.
The seating systems are equipped with a flex joint that makes the backrest compliant. The back is adjustable in the hip angle which breaks the spasticity and the flex joint captures the force and retains positioning in the sitting position.

Pelvic & leg positioning
The combination of correctly adjusted seat part, generous seat cushion, effective hip belt and a good support for sacrum provides the conditions for reduced shear which facilitates activity and postural control.
The seat is infinitely adjustable in seat depth and in abduction / adduction, which enables optimal individual sitting position and at the same time allows the patient to grow with the seating system.


Simple guide to right seatingsystem

 Max user weightUser lenghtSeat widthSeat depth
Pengy Pro25 kg95-125 cmtill 31 cm19-28 cm
Delfi Pro90 kg80-170 cm24-38 cm14-45 cm
Sharky Pro130 kg150-195 cm36-49 cm37-55 cm
Active75 kg90-160 cm19-30 cm25-40 cm