Zitzi Carseat Pro

A carseat that combinds a secure and functional seating

An adjustable back with individually adjustable torso support allows for three-point support for better postural control, which reduces the risk of misalignments and increases the possibilities for activity.

Carseat Pro has a flexible back that allows for active sitting and resting. An integrated seat cabinet facilitates activity, postural control and reduces the risk of shearing. Seating systems with little or no seating can lead to backward or rotated pelvis.

In addition to these adaptation possibilities, which from the beginning are in the product, it can also be supplemented with various accessories.

Carseat Pro is crash-tested and approved according to EU standard ECE-R44.4 and meets set requirements with crash test up to 36 kg user weight.


Zitzi Carseat Pro facts:

UserdataSize 2Size 3
User lenght95-135 cm115-155 cm
User weight15-25 kg15-36 kg
Seat width34 cm34 cm
Seat dept27-36 cm 32-41 cm
Chest width14-24 cm16-26 cm
Chest dept 12 cm13 cm
Axilla height22-29 cm26-33 cm
leg lenght difference10 cm10 cm
Abduction/Adduction -9°/+18° -9°/+18°


For further measurements see Technical data sheet.



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