Zitzi Pengy sulky

Smooth and easy to drive

Thanks to the right balance and easy-rolling wheels, the Pengy Sulky fits both the urban environment and the forest walk.
The wheels are equipped with quick release for easy removing.

The casters are equipped with direction lock as standard. The casters can also be changed to fixed 12” front wheels to facilitate driving during winter season or in terrain

The Pengy Sulky can easily be folded together to facilitate transportation by car or for storage. Pengy Sulky has an integrated suspension that makes it roll smoothly even on uneven surfaces.

Pengy Pro seating unit can be turned with a simple hand grip so that the child can sit forward or backwards.

Crash-tested and approved  according to ISO 7176-19 to travel safely during transport (forward-facing seated).


Pengy Sulky:



Wheels back 12"
Load weight 50 kg
Tilt-35° to +35°
Weight12 kg

Crash tested

Approved for 43 kg when forward-facing seating, according to ISO 7176-19
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