Anatomic Kombi Sits

Combine the best of two worlds, a Soft sits combined with a classic Anatomic sits

In an Anatomic Kombi Sits we combine the best from two worlds, Anatomic Sits and Anatomic Soft sits. This seat is for patients with the need of support and relief.

In the picture you see a seat made for an active wheelchair where we have a soft sits for extra pressure relief and a hard back (anatomic sits) for a firmer positioning of the patients lower back.


Anatomic Kombi Sits has many benefits:

  • Superior postural support
  • A seat for patients with a great need of support
  • Works perfect to active wheelchairs
  • Heat cushions to get a warm seat during wintertime
  • You may combine the seat with a special flex joint if 
    needed, which have both flexibility and seat to back
    angle adjustment
  • Possible to have more than one lining which makes it easy to fit with thicker clothes during the wintertime
Combined with our underframes