Zitzi Active 

New active seat for children and youngsters

Zitzi Active is a new seat with a specially designed back and seat that gives the patient a unique sitting position. It is developed for all children and youngsters  who need a safe upright sitting during activity or when working in for example school.

Zitzi Active has a built-in latch that positions the pelvis to prevent it from tilting backwards and prevents the patient from sliding forward. The forward-leaning position strengthens the patients balance and postural control.

The chair can easily be changed from active sitting to resting position. In the forward-facing position, you are seated in a so-called riding position (latch set sitting), which encourages an extension of the body and makes it more difficult to collapse. By tilting the chair backwards, a resting position is obtained without the patient having to move out of the chair.

The chair's construction allows for a built-in dynamic function, which is good for patients with reduced muscle strength and / or spasticity, this gives children and youngsters a better sitting where a traditional working chair is not enough.


Active facts:

  • Four standard sizes
  • Adjustment possibilities in the back part

  • Suitable for children with a length of 100 - 160 cm

  • Available with several accessories such as kneestop, footrest, support handle, headrest, armrest, belts etc.

  • Fits on several underframes

Max user lenght160 cm
Max user weight75 kg
Seat angel-15°
Back angel-15° till +25°
Hip width19-30 cm
Seat depth 25-40 cm
Combined with our underframes