Zitzi Pengy Pro

Light dynamic seating system for children

A Pengy Pro seat is a sister seat to the Zitzi Delfi Pro and specially developed for our Zitzi Pengy sulky. The Pengy seat is a light and smooth seat but still has the opportunity for a good positioning of the patient.

Zitzi Pengy Pro has a low weight with similar features as a Zitzi Delfi Pro such as adjustable lateral supports / leg parts, seat slope adjusters, flex function, along with a variety of other features.

The seat unit is removable and reversible. With a simple grip, you turn the seat so that the child can travel forward or backwards. The Pengy seat can also be mounted on other types of underframes.


Zitzi Pengy Pro facts:

Size2 pc
Weight7-10.5 kg
Maximal lenght150 cm
User weightmax 45 kg
Axilla height16-35 cm
Chest width17-28 cm
Seat depth19-38 cm
Seat widthupp till 34 cm
Hip angel-10°/+70°
Combine with our underframe