About Anatomic Sitt AB

Anatomic Sitt AB | since 1988

Anatomic Sitt AB headoffice is located in Norrköping. Anatomic Sitt AB has about 65 employees in Sweden, is represented in 25 countries and has subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland and Holland. Our vision has since 1988 been to, through knowledge and innovation, prevent pain and misalignments and enable participation and movement.

Making the impossible possible - giving those with great difficulty the possibility of a good life.

We want to create a sitting that gives people with disabilities balance in the body. With the right support, positioning and relief we can prevent and reduce the continued development of scoliosis, kyphosis and other deformities. To "hold" hips so that they do not subluxate (joint end up in the wrong position but slides back by itself) or luxer (twist a joint from its original position, it needs help back). With the right sitting we can create balance that relieves pain and prevents further deformities from occurring. With the right balance comes also better lung function and increased blood circulation as well as control of the body's movement, not least control over the head which creates greater possibilities for communication. 

Our business idea

Our business idea is to develop and produce functional sitting and standing aids for children, youths and adults.