Individual seats

Individual seats have been the foundation of Anatomic Sitt since its inception in 1988. With over 30,000 manufactured seats, we are today one of the leading manufacturers of Individual seats. The dream has since the start been to, through knowledge and innovation, prevent pain and deformities and enable participation and movement. Making the impossible possible - giving those with great difficulty the opportunity for increased quality of life.

The goal is to create a sitting that gives people with disabilities a balance in the body. With the right support, positioning and relief we can prevent and reduce the continued development of scoliosis, kyphosis and other defects. To "hold" hips so that they do not subluxate (the trail ends out of position) or luxer (one turns a link from its original position).

With the right sitting we can create balance that relieves pain and prevents further malfunctions from occurring. With the balance comes also better lung function and increased blood circulation as well as control of the body's movement, not least control over the head which creates greater possibilities for communication.

For those with severe sitting problems, the best solution is a well-designed, individual seat. For these persons, the choice of support and relief is crucial if the sitting is to work, and an Individual seat provides the greatest possible individual support. With today's technology and new materials, we create seats that are really comfortable to sit in and easy to handle, with the right materials and options so you can get a cool seat in the summer and a warm, comfortable seat in the winter.

There are many accessories for our individual seats see accessories under each product.