Invented for a better life.

Since we started making the impossible

Anatomic Sitt has 30 years of experience and a combined competence when it comes to finding solutions for children, young people and adults with difficult sitting problems. Our business concept is to develop and produce functional sitting and standing aids for children, youngsters and adults.

"A well-made seat provides balance in the body that enables a sitting that reduces pain and prevents future deformities."

Balance for everyone

Balance is important for the body to function as well as possible. We have products for people with sitting problems that allow balance, ranging from an adaptable car seat for more comfortable and safer trips to stable hygiene chairs when taking a comfortable shower. Common to all our products is that they provide good postural support and balance in the body, which in turn provides better function for your organs, prevents deformities and relieves pain. With many different setting options and optional products, there are endless possibilities to adapt the products for each individual. Our goal is for our products to facilitate and simplify your everyday life.

Prevent future deformities

Reduce and prevent back and neck pain

Increase participation and movement